GEOITALY | EuroGEOSec project begins
GEO-ITALY è un gruppo di coordinamento degli esperti italiani coinvolti nelle attività del Group on Earth Observations
GROUP ON EARTH OBSERVATIONS, GEO, Biodiversity, Disaster, Energy, Mineral, Food security, Infrastructure, Public health, Sustainable urban development, Water resources management
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EuroGEOSec project begins

EuroGEOSec project begins

The new EuroGEOSec project, of which the CNR-IIA is one of the core partners, has just started.

EuroGEOSec will see the establishment of a secretariat for EuroGEO, bringing back together a European consortium built from the core group involved in the H2020 e-shape project. They will be collaborating with the Joint Research Centre Knowledge Center on Earth Observation (JRC-KCEO) to support the EuroGEO vision, preparing the transition of the EuroGEO initiative into a sustainable endeavor, and developing a sustainability plan guiding its long-term operation.

The Secretariat will strengthen and promote EuroGEO’s priorities; serve as the basis for evidence-informed allocation of research funding; support the organization of EuroGEO events and meetings; guide the dialogue with relevant stakeholders, and raise awareness of and interest in the EuroGEO initiative.

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